5 Creative Ways To Use 360 Photos

What’s the basic goal of a photographer? To make people connect to his pictures. To make them feel like they’re part of it. To make them feel like they’re immersed in his work.

Well, 360 photos are here now to produce that effect. 360 photos are a boon to businesses today. They’re clickable and have great marketing potential. If used right, they can get your stats rising upwards.


Virtual Navigation

What’s the biggest problem when you’re new to a place? Well, the question is not ‘what.’ The question is ‘where.’ Calling up a friend and having to hear the directions is tedious. “Go straight and take a left. What do you see”? “Oh wait, you weren’t supposed to take that left. You came the wrong way. Go back and look for this particular landmark”. This soon tends to get tiresome and annoying, roaming around in circles and ending up in the wrong place. Of course, your friend could send you the location using Google Maps but isn’t it better if you could get a 3D view of the site you’re supposed to get to? You would be able to see the whole street, the turns, the landmarks, signboards, hoardings, signals, stops, etc. It would make navigation and travel so much easier, and benefit tourists to quite an extent.

Walk-in store promotion

Google 360 virtual tour
Nowadays, physical stores have lost the traffic that they brought in a few years ago. Once upon a time, people used to rush into stores during sale hours, everyone would get all excited to go to malls and try out new clothes, slip their feet into the perfect boots, and basically just have a jolly time out there. Ever since online shopping started trending, it is safe to say that stores out there have lost a lot of customers. There’s no shopping or window shopping for that matter. So what’s the best way to pull the crowd back to them? 360 photos are a good option here. Taking immersive photos and sharing them online, taking people around the store, showing them all the new collections, their personal shoppers dressing the mannequins, and inviting them inside is an excellent way to do that. This would not only bring in visitors but also convert them into customers. It’s even better when you have stores that sell toys and musical instruments. It would bring you a good amount of foot traffic and have your store filled with kids running around and visitors playing pianos and guitars and testing them out.

Concert promotion

If you’re into social media publicity or social media marketing, then 360 photos are a great tool for you. Giving people a sneak peak of the concert venue, the stage setting, backstage dressing rooms, and the whole sound and light set up will create a hype among the concert goers. It will get them all ready and excited for the event. This could work for other events too such as a comic con, a college fest, a themed party, etc. When you create a hype out of something, that’s when the customer or visitor turnout increases. You could also take 360 photos of the event while it is going on so as to promote an upcoming event. For example, you could capture fun moments during the comic con in one city and use these immersive photos to promote the comic con that’s about to happen in another town. This shows people that they’d have a fantastic time at the event, and would invite more and more of them eventually. It’s a great way to promote the event and market the brand value and is highly beneficial for fashion shows, F1 races, rock concerts, Derby races, football matches and the likes.

360 Photo Travel

Like stated above, photos get most of their credit when they can capture the precise beauty of the surroundings and when they make the onlooker feel like they’re immersed in it. So what’s better for the travel industry than 360 photos! To make someone feel like they’re walking through the Grand Canyon, to make them think that they’re standing in the Colosseum and looking at its ruins, to let them sense that they’re standing at the foot of the Eiffel tower and looking up, or to let them capture and take in the wonder of what it is like to stand in front of the Opera house and stare at its brilliance. This is what brings more tourists to the countries, this is what makes the travel and tourism industry better, this is what brings photographers more traffic to their websites and pages. 360 photos are a boon for the traveling business. Everything right from the view from the window during the flight take-off to the life and habitat around the great barrier reef can be processed into 360 photos and uploaded as a travel diary experience.

360 Video Teasers


For all the city people out there, movies and parties are the best sorts of entertainment. Placing our focus on the movies. The money that movies raise once again depends on the hype that is created by its trailers and teasers. Movies like Suicide Squad, Dr. Strange, Avengers, Civil War, Mission Impossible, etc. (basically most of the DC, Marvel or other action films) tend to hype up the excitement of the people so as to make it to the Box Office hit list. Ben Hur recently took a 360 photo of one of the stills of the movie to build some pre-release excitement. A mere publicity stunt. But by the looks of it, this trick seems to be working. Giving people stills of movies is a great way to promote it. Imagine getting to see 360 photos of one of the action scenes in Dr. Strange. The movie is full of graphics. Being able to see the details of its scenes has the potential to get people all excited for it. It can successfully get pre-bookings, preview rush, and pull the crowds to the theaters.

The audience is getting used to change. They are getting used to seeing something new and something better. So think beyond photos. Think 360 Photo.

Do I miss anything? What is on your mind, good information is like nutrition to our brain, share your thoughts with our readers here!
5 Creative Ways To Use 360 Photos
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5 Creative Ways To Use 360 Photos
What’s the basic goal of a photographer? To make people connect to his pictures. To make them feel like they’re part of it. To make them feel like they’re immersed in his work.
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