Amazon Echo Dot – The Ambition in the Internet Of Things

Amazon’s Echo Dot is a tiny box with a colossal brain masters the intelligence


Amazon’s Echo Dot – a genius way to make any stupid speaker the Einstein

Amazon Echo Dot is an intelligent technology tool developed by Amazon. It is a seven piece microphone of 9.25 resembling a tall cylinder speaker. The Amazon echo dot is a bit which does sound interesting and widely helpful in the current trending world which is rapidly changing into the era of technology and Yes!

Amazon has thus provided one such feature echo dot. This device is capable of interacting voice with the machine to human providing other real-time information and has the stamina to handle and control all the smart devices as an automation hub.

What is Amazon Echo Dot?

The echo dot consists of a small inbuilt speaker which enacts as the best day to day tool for all the voice responses. It is a tiny black and white puck with an arena, consisting of four buttons. It can pair to a wireless speaker via Bluetooth and is pretty much audible in your surroundings.

The “Rise and Shine word” is Alexa. Alexa being the wake-up word, the voice assistant comes to life for meeting our day to day needs. It receives instructions and executes the actions.

Coming Into Sight

The Dot is a discreet sitting on a countertop. At the top of the dot is a rotating light ring actively listening to our voice. It goes mute when you turn on the mute button where the mics are disconnected electrically.

Carrying Out Its Job

Once the echo is plugged in, open the Alexa app on your smartphone by connecting to the wifi. Doing this Alexa performs a variety of features such as setting timers and telling the time etc. It tells you how your day is and how you commute, the weather from the connected calendar.

Alexa has been accessed to a lot of information. It has a deep volume of knowledge about Google data at its fingertips.


It is an excellent mic which constantly keeps listening to you.

The main best feature of echo dot is its voice control over things without any secondary help. This mark has massive impression forwarding for the internet. The automation routine through voice gives us a satisfying pleasure. It gets the job done in such a way that nothing else can compete with it.

Smart Home

Nothing can give us that so much pleasure when you enter a room and the lights get turned on in the kitchen as you utter the word “Alexa, turn on the lights in the kitchen”.

And this is one of the most exciting sets of skills. We have to be aware of the names that we give to all devices So that Alexa is able to configure what we are trying to say.

You can configure what is visible and is not visible to Alexa within the various skills. You have to do it one by one as two things cannot take place at the same time.

For instance, Instead of telling each work separately it is better that we collectively put them together in the Alexa app. So this will help us to make our work easier like telling “Alexa house off and so everything turns off when we step out of the house”.

Analysis Of Amazon Echo Dot App

The 7 Piece Microphones

The device has seven microphones which have the ability to receive commands when the sound system is quite far away from our site. It can work up to a distance of 30 meters. It is activated by further commands by hearing the word “Alexa” else can be generated by switching the action button present at the top of the device.

Functioning Skills

Echo dot can communicate through wifi and Bluetooth so that it will be enabled to perform the skills. It provides a privacy statement as it is the duty of Amazon to examine and assure the security for the preferred skills.

Encoded Communication

Echo dot does not allow anyone to easily hack or use the security leads. It has been proved by the testers of IOT laboratory by a safety communication.

TLS 1.2 encryption is been preferred for the communication of echo. This strong encryption is used for obtaining the software updates.

The information which is fed to Alexa is always encrypted. A study stream of network traffic has been observed whether it was spoken or not.

Less Space

All connections are protected against the simple middle attacks of man. For instance, if the input is needed for the user, the data will be stored confidently by the app.

Small Things Make Great Wonders

The Echo Dot may appear small but it plays as a helping hand to us.

This dot is applicable to any Bluetooth speaker and goes in hand with any audio system. There is no necessity of having an extra speaker to get along with it. This includes tiny speakers inside it.

Alexa’s Capability

You would be surprised to learn that amazons echo does a lot more than what we expect and the new feature will be far better than what she did previously. New features such as other smart home controls are also being introduced in the revised app of Alexa.

Alexa has recently been updated to link with other internet services through voice. Alexa is far much capable of ordering and purchasing products from amazon. Another benefit of Alexa is that it can guide as in answering questions through the help of Wikipedia and solves math problems, converting the measurements.

A Close Friend For The Future

The Amazon will introduce Echo dot second generation to this world worth fifty bucks with a pitch note of “A star trek computer your home”. Amazon has successfully made the entry of Alexa making the customer more tempting as it’s smarter than the first version. It is now a better listener worth for money. The new Alexa is delightful and has an encouraging value in technology.

The Exciting features of Alexa which are yet to come!

Excelling Vocabulary

Amazon is working towards the standardization of vocabulary for Alexa. So that she may perform better and more.


The future of Alexa is been focusing on better helping services. When there are some impossible situations Alexa might help you when you need it even though you are not preferring that to her. Amazon wants to do things better with anything through notifications.

Alexa The 8th Sense

Alexa will be soon featuring a better task in giving knowledge or educating about third party skills that may help us reach our destination although we are not aware of the skill or knowledge. This can be noticed in smart gadgets.

Upcoming Devices

The speakers can be amplified through a powerful source which gives way for next generation of echo dot. This can also serve as a microprocessor with an interactive touch display.


“Today is the only day in which we have any power.” Yes, that power is Amazon Echo Dot.

Alexa is not just a voice but it is a helping hand which makes our work easier and satisfactory. The echo dot app is created for benefiting our needs through modern techniques.


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