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In the old time there is a tradition of going to market for different products, then came the trend of the provisional store where a shopkeeper sold multiple products with the limited choices, you had to keep shouting your voice to get the products. Definitely, this is very tiring and time-consuming, no option to compare between two products. Then came the trend of supermarkets where you could roam around in the shop which is bigger in size to see things kept on the shelf. Hundreds variety of a particular thing were displayed on the shelf, you can keep pushing your cart to see products, comparing them with each other, putting things in the cart, finally going to the checkout. The checkout scanning process is not an easy task also, you need to count cash or give credit card again takes few minutes. Finally, you get to leave.

The long waiting line at the checkout is troublesome and time-consuming. Therefore, the online shopping magically happened as an alternative solution, this gave you the easy access of browsing the products all around the world and being delivered to your door. But you needed to pay extra for the delivery charges, you can not get fresh grocery from the online shopping. What is missing here is the self-inspection of the product, etc.

Amazon company innovates with a new Amazon Go Shopping Technology recently, where it eliminates the need of checkouts and changing the face of shopping industry. No more standing in lines, no more waiting to get the things scanned, no more irritating staffs, no more hassles, simply walk into the store and grab your grocery.

Amazon Go Shopping will be in the market in early 2017, the beta version of this marketplace will be in Seattle, all the shortcomings will be watched, rectified, and new features will be added if required to the existing technology. It will the fully launch itself across the world in the near future. This will take away all the annoying experiences a customer has when visiting the store.

There might be few questions that everyone must be having about this unique store and the Amazon Go Technology, we answer them all below.

What is this Amazon Go Shopping?

Amazon Go Shopping is the new way of shopping introduced by Amazon where the users can simply use their smart devices on which they have the Amazon go app installed to enter the Amazon Go store and shop like you do in any general market or a mall. Pick up things and just leave without having to stand in the queue for checkout like you do in the traditional shopping malls. Pay for the products you chose through the app, it auto calculates whatever you chose and displays a bill.

How does Amazon Go shopping work?

The Amazon calls its technology as “Walk Out Technology”, it is the combination of Computer Vision, Sensor Fusion, and Deep Learning algorithms, this is the same set of technology that is used in the self-driving cars. A step-wise working of the Amazon Go Shopping experience.

STEP1– Walk in the Amazon Go store, swipe the Amazon Go store app on the sensors at the entry point which link and activate the virtual cart as you shop.

STEP2– Once you have entered the store, simply pick up the products you want, the computer will sense your face when you take the product, it will add that product to your cart. If you do not like what you took simply keep the product back to the shelf and the product will be discarded from your virtual cart.

STEP3– Once you have done the shopping and feel there is nothing more you want to add to the cart. Simply walk out of the door, once you do that the sensors at the door will indicate the app to exit you, your app starts to charge you with a credit card linked to it.

It is that simple, you do not have to do anything. Simply walk into the store, pick up the products and walk out. This is the new solution to the hassle-free shopping experience.

How big is the store?

Amazon is planning to open the stores at a retail space of 1800 Square feet. This will allow the customers to shop easily and quickly, The first beta version of the Amazon Go store is going to be a brick and mortar store in Seattle. This is the first store that Amazon is opening, and later on, it will be opening the stores in another part of the country. Amazon is expected to open up around 2000 grocery and convenience store in the United States.

What does it sell?

Amazon will be selling almost everything like from fresh made breakfast, lunch, dinner to Grocery essentials like milk, bread, chocolates, Grains, eggs, jams, cereals, spices, whatever you think of finding in a general grocery store.

How did Amazon come up with the idea?

Amazon is a pioneer of online shopping to the world. And the people at Amazon thought why not to push the boundaries of technology a bit more to create something amazing and something that people could only imagine. Hence by using the technology of computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning the walk out technology was brought to life. This Amazon Go Technology almost took four years to come to life and is still in the beta version.

Amazon Go Technology Advantages?

The Amazon Go biggest difference is a feedback system on how people shop, what they are looking for, etc. Getting feedbacks from the customer base is a tough task for the companies to increase their sales. Also, the companies will be able to get an actual figure of their sales and know who their loyal customers are through the Amazon app, they might also be able to give special discount to keep them happy as a token of thank you.

This technology will also be able to link the products to the customers. When a customer changes from one brand to another brand, it will be easy for the brand owners to recognize their competitors, analyze their strategies to where they are falling short.

What is the downside of this technology?

A. Few of the disadvantages of this technology can be the product that is picked once gets added to your virtual cart, but when a customer decides not to buy the product and places the product on the wrong shelf, it might not get discarded from the virtual cart.

B. Another problem that the customers can face is supposed a customer had placed the product on the wrong shelf and other customer picked it from the shelf so he might get charged for the wrong product.

C. Products like vegetable need to be weighted so there won’t be any mechanism to find out how much did a customer take the particular thing in.

D. It will take away the employment of many.

Bottom Line

To conclude, this is a technology that will change the way people prefer to shop, though it is starting only in Seattle which is in the testing mode, it is for sure one event that people will be eagerly waiting for. It is also said that the stealing of the retail goods will also be minimized as you can not enter the store without scanning your smart device. So even if someone manages to steal something at the exit, but they will be charged in the app. There are way more cameras that we are thinking of, more sensors will be used to calculate everything, so the chances to fool the technology is impossible. Amazon Go Shopping is the Future.

Happy Shopping!!!


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