Facebook AR Studio Will Make Your Selfie Animation More Fun

What is augmented technology?

Augmented reality is a technology where the real world is superimposed by the digital objects, which are generated by the computer on a person’s vision, to provide an amalgamated or combined view. It is one of the fastest growing technologies that can be experienced through mobile phones, televisions, glasses, lenses and other devices.

Examples of AR

AR technology is been used in several industrial fields like marketing, Gaming, Healthcare, touristy, Art, and public safety; one of an eminent augmented reality wearable – Microsoft Hololens facilitates in engaging with digital images in real-time. Some of the popular augmented reality apps such as Wikitude world browser, iOnRoad Augmented Driving are widely accessed by Android and iPhone users.

Facebook advancements in augmented reality

Facebook Augment Reality – Mark Zuckerberg proclaimed the innovative augmented reality program called as augmented reality camera Effects platform, which is launched in beta version to mask people along with the animations. Facebook AR studio makes an impressive effect that can react to the user movements, allows creating photo and video sharing gestures, frames, interactive facial filters respective to your environs.
AR applications are written in the unique 3D program that permits a developer to fastening animatronics or appropriate digital information in the computer; it usually leverages GPS (Global (Global Positioning System) to isolate the user’s position for detecting the device directions. Classy Augment Reality programs are used by the military commanders to check the troop positioning from the opponent viewpoints.

Facebook AR Studio

The smartphone camera is transformed into an augmented reality platform that benefits the artists and developers to make special effects for the Facebook camera. There are two innovative coding tools platforms such as Frame Studio and Augment Reality studio that is available for the developers.

Augmented Reality Camera Effects

Frame Studio

Frame Studio is a web-based tool – as the name suggests, it permits anyone with a Facebook profile to make Augment Reality frames around an actual world of snaps with videos. Frames are created with help of Frame Studio will become visible in your friend’s cameras or on the fans page of the Facebook. Frames must follow Facebook’s instructions; it does not have the authorization to accept logos or brand name unless pre-approved by Facebook.

AR Studio

Facebook describes its AR studio as augmented reality experience authoring tool, this tool has been successfully closed its beta testing for Mac systems. The AR Studio facilitates the developers and artists to create their own AR experience through masks, interactive motions, interactions during the live broadcast or by accessing third party data. The approved effects will be available on the Facebook camera which can be utilized along with photos, videos, and live broadcast. AR Studio facilitates artists and developers to take control of their poses by animating themselves with masks, animated frames along with interactive effects; the approved effects of AR Studio can be accessed in the Facebook camera for a chat in a live broadcast with videos and snaps.

Features of AR platform

• Face tracker in the AR platform is a computer-generated algorithm that tracks the human face to enable the users to generate a mask that could acknowledge the facial movements; the complete process is performed without writing a line of code.

• Sensor data facilitates developers to create special effects by moving the phone to pan over the virtual world.

• Scripting API empowers the developers to download data by accessing, respond to the user interactivity and change the effect in real-time.

Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of an Augment Reality world

As per the speech on augmented reality, Zuckerberg admitted that people are attracted towards software and services, so augmented reality can also become a part of our lives as it works seamlessly on phone camera with no special hardware. In all technology platforms, the software and hardware are indistinguishable, but in Augment reality Facebook might plan to build its own.

Added to that, Mark Zuckerberg also mentioned that the augmented reality could change the boring business of people by empowering them to draw innovative designs and sharing among with friends. With the wonderful Facebook augmented reality platform, the users can freely paint in the real world.

Zuckerberg sees Augment reality as an economic equalizer, as it allows overlaying things like glasses or contact lens. Meanwhile, the Facebook can locate a TV on the wall and make it a $2 app as an alternative to a $500 piece of hardware that many people cannot afford to pay. Though the glasses cost too much, the people may save a lot of money when compared with other hardware that they are going to purchase.

AR benefits

Improve sales

The online purchase may not represent the product rightly, but with augmented reality, the user can view the actual form of the product before making a purchase. It may improve procurement in the commercial website by creating interactions which have not endured before between the vendor and customer.


Augmented reality offers composite benefits of security, cultural, and time reductions; it contributes extended facts on any defined position or environment in real-time, where the user may not have to look for it. For instance, the augmented reality can provide the information on historical sites during your tour plans.


Augmented reality can assist the drivers by providing the information on speed, obstacles, road width and traffic information – all those details are displayed on the windshield. This feature is being used by the several automobile models of Ford.

Interactive mobile experience

The augmented reality is expected to modernize the mobile user experience with gestures, touch and other multi-model interactions in their smartphones. It reduces the human interactions on the mobile phone by transforming itself as the mobile interface to ease the mobile search and reduces the human effort.

Disadvantages of AR

Invade Privacy

Data Hacking! Just like other contemporary technologies available on the marketplace, AR could also be prone to Data hacks. It is impossible to visualize how much data is connected to the world of augmenting reality; people may have no choice that their own data may be used by the system in order to track or control themselves.

Future of Augment Reality

In the next few years, users will be capable of endeavoring on clothes without actually wearing it, AR can also empower you to ensure if the furniture fits the interior (previously did by IKEA!). All these things can be performed with the help the smartphone along with an augmented reality app.

Furthermore, with the prospect of technology growth, we can expect the emergence of other human sensors as smelling, touching and feeling. The Sixth Sense augmented reality system may permit the user plan for a phone pad onto the hand and phone a friend without removing it from your pocket

In the future, the Facebook desires to let you interact with the world merely by using your brain; there is no doubt that an Augmented Reality will be the next milestone which may invade the life of all people. Being the leading social media, Facebook had leveraged the technology to provide best user experience; let’s conceive the word of Augment Reality provided by Facebook which may create lasting memories in our lives.


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