Facebook Live 360 Streaming is A New Media Content Trend

Facebook has always been the seer of new interesting stuff, right from invent of Facebook itself, when it became the best new interesting thing that happened to the internet. Today we are not talking just about Facebook, it’s all going to be about Facebook Live 360 and how it is changing the way we viewed the world at Facebook. This new social media trend is taking the social media platform by storm as people get to view News, Nature, Adventure and more.

Let’s face it, we all love Facebook and consider it as a source of what’s new trending by sharing pictures, videos in posts about them. While live streaming became a thing on Facebook only a year ago, even though it started on Facebook two years ago but was only made for public figures to use and share live streaming then.

People at a larger level are yet to uncover what live streaming is, how it works? though it surely is gaining popularity as marketers are learning to use this intriguing new feature of the Social Media Giant (of course, we mean Facebook) to connect better with their audiences. Facebook claims that the Live 360 videos are getting up to 10 times more views and comments than the mainstream live videos, it is being viewed 3x times longer than the regular videos. This is as because we are always looking for bigger horizons, things that can amaze us and excite us. We can witness them right as they are happening at a certain spot around the world.

This is why we come to social media for interesting new content with the 360 degree video feature, it works wonders for not just experiencing natural beauty, but other things like historical places, experience a car ride, like the Chevrolet 360 degree campaign on Facebook that gave you an experience of how it feels 360 degree while driving in their cars.

What makes the Facebook Live 360 Better?

In honest terms, the quality of the Facebook live 360 feature depends upon your 360 degree camera gear. Some of the 360 cameras which are best for generic usage are Samsung Gear 360 (2017 model), Insta 360, Giroptic IO, and the Allie Camera, ORBI Prime which is a sunglass alike camera that can be worn. These are economical gears and offer fine quality footage.

If you are shooting a live 360 feed for marketing purposes then professional quality cameras are recommended. You can choose from Ricoh Theta S, the Samsung Gear 360 is also good. The 360Fly 4K is amazing. For high professional quality – Nokia OZO, GoPro Omni, Facebook Surround 360 and Google JUMP Odyssey are the top choices recommended for highest quality imagery are all ranging from a min $5000 to a massive $50,000.

For the love of true and finest views in Facebook live 360 video stream, Facebook has step-upped the game by introducing the Facebook Surround 360, a production-ready camera, which has automated stitching so you don’t have to stitch the footage in a software and get crappy results. It does that for you automatically, unlike many other 360 camera gear. The camera guarantees a seamless viewing experience that can be checked out at

The astonishing part was that this Surround 360 has a whopping 17 cameras that do it all for you so you don’t have to spend more time and money on setting up and buying more cameras for a surround and atmospheric experience in a video. The camera costs around $30,000 and its hardware and software are easily available.
Make sure to check that the 360 camera you buy has Facebook Live 360 compatibility. Even if not, one can always use the general streaming software of Live 360.

For phone users- how to Facebook live 360?

Connect your 360 camera gear to your phone app (of the camera), and choose where you want to post the live stream – at your profile or your Facebook page. Once you describe the stream by adding a title that will appear on the screen like “Sarah’s birthday party”, now simply see the comments and reactions of your friends flow in on the live stream screen. When once done with the stream, Facebook offers you two options either– To Keep the Post on Timeline or to Delete it making it unable to viewers are the stream ends. The summary also tells you for how long were you live.

For web users – How to Facebook live 360

1. Simply login and visit and Click on “Create Live Stream” to get started.

2. Next step is to Check mark the column stating it’s a 360 degree live stream.

3. Choose where you want to post it – Profile or Page.

4. Submit the RTPM server URL and the Stream Key into the Camera’s app or software.

5. Start the Facebook Live 360 stream and TADA! You are LIVE!

How to Gather more Audience with your Facebook Live 360 and make most of it?

Other than inputting new creative ideas to shoot the footage you are focused on, input your time and skills in editing, filming and stitching. Once you figure that out, it comes to publishing your live stream to Facebook to gather the desired audience and spread the word about your live stream to make it worth it. Facebook has made publishing live 360 videos easier as it offers simple upload flows, a special feature for the discovery of your stream by others and more exciting features that will make sure your content reaches more and more audiences. Generating the interest is upon the quality of your content.

But one thing as per the recent uproar and social media trend are established that Facebook Live 360 is here to make Facebook streaming more interesting. It sure is the best place to share 360 videos. Facebook will help you with discovery of your content by others, it will provide tools to let users set their points of interests in the live stream video and also it will help you gain insights on what you are doing wrong, what you might like to work on more and what parts the audiences enjoyed the most by their reactions in real time. For this Facebook will provide Heatmaps to track the insights and give your audiences what they want.

What do you need for Facebook Live 360 Streaming?

1. The first and foremost need for going live is to have a strong internet connection and not just any internet connection but one that you can rely on and that can at the minimum offer a speed of 4MBPS.

2. Secondly, you need a compatible 360 degree camera

3. Make sure to keep the camera at least 30-40 feet away from the source objects around in order to get a better view for your audience. As you don’t want to disappoint them with the blurry hazy footage.

Facebook Live 360 Video Specifications

Yes, it is going to be a different experience than any other social media platform. Viewing live stream was already a feature but it becomes all the more immensely exciting and amazing when these live streams are not just those regular stream but have a 360 angle viewing so you get an atmospheric involvement.
Do a max stream of up to 4 hours, get a target resolution of 1080p at an aspect ratio of 2:1 at a frame rate of 30 frames per second.

Who is beneficial of the Facebook Live 360 Video?

The feature is working great for travel marketers and one of the Facebook groups that can be said to be using this feature in the best way possible, to give people a magical experience of their country’s bounty are Tourism Australia. This has certainly caught people’s fancy because who would not want to see how it feels or looks like flying off from a beach and hovering over the sea while catching a far-sighted glimpse of the beach greens from a distance while looking at the enormous sea below you. This flying off view is generally taken by attaching the 360 cameras to a drone.

The videos of Facebook live 360 are not viewable in Safari and Internet Explorer.

Some basics on How, Why and Who can and should use Facebook Live 360:

1. The feature is great to engage audiences, it helps create a more interest generating platform that gets people to know that you are trying new things and something they would like to be a part of.

2. This 360 degree live stream feature is available for all Facebook profiles and pages.

3. No, not everyone can watch Facebook live 360 unless they have an updated Android or Apple iOS device.

4. No matter what 360 cameras you have, simply connect it to your Facebook by inputting the Stream URL and you are good to go for a Facebook Live 360.



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