Facebook Spaces VR for Future Social Hangout

Advancements of Facebook in virtual reality

Facebook spaces – a virtual reality application to interact with friends in a virtual environment; it unveils the two main components – Oculus Rift and Oculus Thrift – the virtual reality headset, motion control component to offer an effective virtual reality experience for the users. In the world of social media, Facebook leads a new way to a virtual reality through its invention called Facebook spaces – with an innovative discovery the Facebook provides a platform to make socializing possible in virtual reality.

Facebook spaces facilities to create a self-image – an animated avatar that truly resembles the facial features of a person; it makes the people recognize others for interacting in the VR platform. To create an animated avatar, the user needs to choose an image from Facebook photos; the image can be customized with enormous options which allow changing color, hairstyle, eye and facial appearance to make the avatar image to look similar to the user.

Value of Facebook Spaces VR

Accessing virtual reality in Facebook spaces requires more investment – the hardware cost of the Facebook spaces will be nearly around $1000 along with a computer to utilize the application seamlessly. As virtual reality is the key to the future of social networking, the Facebook has rightly acquired Oculus VR in 2014 for $2billion; the contract includes $400 million cash plus 23.1 billion Shares of Facebook.

Introduction to Facebook spaces


Facebook Spaces will be created on Oculus Rift plus Touch components; a digital avatar was built by the users by accessing the virtual reality application; it will appear depending on the user’s Facebook profile picture. The user can modify the features of the avatar such as the color of the eyes, hairstyle along with hair coloring, lip, facial characteristics, and more; after picking an avatar, the virtual reality users can come out with their Facebook friends in the virtual world.

How to access the Facebook spaces

To access the Facebook spaces, the user has to log onto Facebook account to unite the friends in a desired virtual space; the joined friends can have an interaction, draw objects in the air, and snap virtual selfie pictures or videos in a 360-degree angle. With Oculus Rift plus touch controller technology, the user can unite four people in a virtual playground – the joined friends can access the user’s videos, take photos, engage or interact by doing diverse of virtual activities.

How to buy Facebook spaces

Facebook Spaces is available in beta version on the Oculus Store along with a selfie stick; the users can take pictures of their favorite moments to create reminiscences in virtual reality along with the Facebook friends. Facebook spaces VR is integrated with the video messenger to facilitate the users to exhibit their virtual reality talents to people who are not on the platform.

Out-of-box functionalities of Facebook spaces

The Facebook spaces is created with an idea to transform the platform into a desired virtual reality place where the user can draw their thoughts; the user can make their VR space comfortable or play any preferred games in the same environment. For instance, the user can draw an image in the mid-air where the drawn image can be distorted into an interactive object – any drawn objects are used as an interactive object by the user where they can even illustrate a cap then put on their friend’s head.

The customer can change the background around them as the Facebook spaces can accept any type of pre-rendered options including underwater environment or space environment; by leveraging the virtual space, the user can have an incredible virtual reality experience with their friends. They can combine any long distant friends together where all the grouped friends will occupy the same virtual space.

How It Really Works?

When the user login to the virtual spaces with their Facebook account credentials, the Facebook will access the machine learning language to create a digital avatar; the avatars are created completely based on the images which the user have posted on their Facebook profile. Added to that, the user can also access the option to customize the avatar which is expressive to perform all actions; when the user talks or user’s friend talks, the avatar mouth will also move according to their sounds.

Managing VR experience

Facebook spaces is a convenient platform where the user can manage the experience by pausing in between, muting the friend, removing a friend from the space, moving out of the chat room to take a break from friends or other VR activities. Facebook spaces let the user connect with their friends, family or any trusted person – it is a space to provide a positive experience to every person by securing their information.

The Oculus Rift

• The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset which is used to handle the Facebook Virtual reality space – it is developed by Oculus VR – a division of Facebook Company; the headset connects with the lofty power systems along with the access to superior computations, graphics rendering.

• The specifications of oculus rift include stereoscopic OLED display which offers an excellent display of 1080*1200 resolutions plus a refreshing rate of 90Hz, 110-degree angle.

• For the better Audio Quality, it has the integrated headphones which are equipped with the 3D audio effect and value added position tracking system.

• Oculus Rift is featured with a USB infrared sensor to increase the brightness to offer the best user experience; it also allows the customer to leverage the device while sitting or walking.

• The minimum system requirements to access the oculus rift are the PC with Windows 7 operating system along with the basic i-5 processor with 8 GB RAM; the system should also have a graphic card, HDMI port, and USB ports to use the plugins.

Benefits of Facebook spaces

The advantage of Facebook spaces is that the company had invested more money to make the Facebook VR an innovative platform for the users; the main motive of Facebook is enabling the user to create the own world in the Virtual reality environment. Facebook provides the excellent privacy settings to prevent the user information from data leakage or hacking; the customers have to wait to experience the quality of streaming image.


Future of social networking in virtual reality is the transformation of sharing the text into an image, the image into a video, video into a virtual reality – by enabling the user to share their favorite moments, the Facebook makes the world more transparent for the users. Accessing the virtual reality space in Facebook friend circle will make socializing easier by giving the users more space — Facebook assures that both the virtual reality and argument reality will become an integral part of our daily life.

The major aspect of Facebook spaces is that how far the virtual reality will impact the real world; today many technologies are making people lazy by automating their work. Eventually, the Facebook spaces VR is a new interactive platform for the users where they can share limitless spaces or experiences with the people in their real life. It makes sharing memorable with more adventures, interesting moments; virtual reality is a form of personalizing our own space in the real world.



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