Win up to $7,800! The First “Star Shark Cup” Global Virtual Reality Content Collection Contes

The first “Star Shark Cup” global virtual reality content collection contest
The works collection of The first “star shark cup”, sponsored by Content Production Center of Virtual Reality (CPCVR) is in full swing.

The “Star shark cup” global virtual reality content competition that hosted by the CPCVR is a high level of international industry contest. The contest began in May, after three months of soliciting and a month-long selection, the honor ceremony will be held in China in the fall.The team of developers of the world’s finalists will be invited to attend the awards ceremony with renowned experts, scholars, industry and venture capital firms. The award ceremony will announce the winners of the competition and award prizes, and the organizing committee will guide the development team to have a good contact with the capital.

Contest Awards
This contest will set up a total of 12 awards: the first prize, second prize, third prize, the best stories, the best creative award, the best sound, the best art prize, the best game prize, the award for best film, best application prize, the best experience, and the best mobile content.

The award of the first prize of the competition is RMB 50,000 yuan (approximate 7,800 USD), the second prize is awarded by 30,000 yuan (approximate 4,700 USD), the third prize is awarded with a prize of 10,000 yuan (approximate 1,600 USD), and the winners of other awards will be awarded. The above teams will be invited to participate in the award ceremony of the competition held in China in the golden autumn of this year, and will have direct contact with experts and scholars, outstanding enterprises and financial institutions invited by the center at the award ceremony to promote the transformation of industrial, academic and research achievements.

The Center will invite Fosun Capital, ZZ Capital, Zhongguancun VC Development Center, Sybernaut and other investment and financing institutions to attend the award ceremony of this competition, and realize the direct connection between developers and capital under the guidance of the annual meeting of the organizing committee.

In addition to be displayed in the exhibition of the second international virtual reality innovation conference, the outstanding works will also be exhibited in more than three cities in China. Among them, excellent film and television works will be recommended by the Center, which will be exhibited in the VR film units at various festivals at home and abroad.

Situation of Works Collection
The contest will be divided into two regions: domestic and overseas. The competition committee will be directly responsible for collecting the works in China. The overseas region will be implemented in the U.S. sub-center.

Since the opening of May in this year, the Center has received a number of work from the developer’s team from home and abroad, and the Center has contacted with over 300 overseas developers. The Center will continue to make contact with the developer teams from various countries and regions around the world and strive for more excellent pieces of work to ensure the quality of the competition.

The collection will be closed until July 31, 2018. Before the deadline, all VR, AR works do not restrict content, subject, production tools and adaptation of the hardware, the competition is open to all full-copyright works.The teams of developers who are interested in participating in the contest will need to send the entries in an email form to the organizer’s email, and the E-mail will be in the “category – the name of the developer-the developer group” format as the title, which should include the work introduction, the team introduction, and contents. Domestic works sent to:, overseas works sent to:

About Us
The Content Production Center of Virtual Reality (CPCVR) was set up under the guidance of industry and information department, which is the executive branch of the industry. The CPCVR aims to build closed ecosystem of virtual reality content production. It has been given the mission as the market-oriented, which attracts global upstream and downstream enterprises in the field to do research, film, production, training, communication and evaluation. The Center will be taking artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, robots, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) as new technology to mix together. All these technologies could make the content production highly intelligent, so that it could become a real symbol of the global virtual reality content production. The Center is planning to build three major platforms (technology, talent and resources), and it is also setting up the production, education, communication, research, application and evaluation to form the core matrix of Chinese virtual reality industry.

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