Nikon KeyMission 360 Camera Review


The Nikon KeyMission 360 camera is the new action gadget in the market. The Nikon cameras have its name in the market for being one of the best and the leading brands in providing the consumers with the best of the photography experiences, but it was limited to being in the segment of 2D cameras only. With the changing trend, the Nikon camera has moved to a new segment of cameras that is the action cameras, or the 360-degree camera.

The best part about these cameras is they can easily be connected with the smartphones and tablets so you can playback the videos share it on the social media platform, easily set up the settings to capture the action and make all the editing that you want to. These action Nikon KeyMission 360 cameras come in different variations they are wearable and can be mounted on the surface.

The Nikon KeyMission 360 is compact, easy to use, waterproof, light in weight and easy to store and carry. The impressive video quality of 4K Ultra HD Video allows you to experience the world in the 360 view, that is even better than that of a human eye, it allows you to relive the moments over and again. What makes this product so unique is it is waterproof, it is dust-proof, it is shockproof, and it is freeze-proof. It is so made that it can withstand any climatic condition it does not range itself in the delicate segments of cameras, it is easy to use and can be used to capture all the action. Hence called as the keyMission or the action cameras. Just place and mount the cameras and feel free to capture all the fun.

4K Ultra HD Resolution

The quality of the scenes shot is with Nikon KeyMission is so crystal clear that you can relive each and every moment in the very sense that the user had seen in person. Because of its 4K resolution, ultra HD video quality the video captures is of great sharpness. This sharpness is four times that of the full HD quality, imagine getting videos and photos that are sharper and clearer that your Full HD.

Nikon used a very smart technology to track all the position of video shooting, let it be vertical or horizontal or even rotational movement, is kept and later on when the video is introduced all the movement of hands, shaking of images, etc is minimized so that you get to experience a video that is steady in nature and seems to be flawless. This is something related to videos, but the action camera is not only limited to taking videos only it is also capable of taking ultra slow motion videos, along with Time-Lapse Sequence and also 23.9-megapixel photos.

Sharing Features

Nikon has also made sharing easy, it has introduced the inbuilt Wi-Fi system in it and also a Bluetooth for sharing your videos and images. Nikon gives you the feature to view, share and edit your photos and videos through you smartphones and tablets by using a snap bridge 360/170 app. This app helps you shoot videos remotely, i.e just place your camera and move away from the location through your app you will be able to shoot everything without being there in person. Also, it allows you to change settings and keep transferring data to a different or any desired location that you wish for.

The camera does not have a display option like the traditional cameras do. Hence all the display has to be handled by the app itself. And a pre-installation of the app is important before setting up the camera. The only weak side of the connectivity is that when the camera is used for underwater shooting the wireless connectivity is not possible.

Wearable and Mountable – Let No Fun Pass by Uncultured

Because of the Nikon KeyMission360 compact and lightweight design the camera can be easily be mounted anywhere and can be worn easily. It comes with a standard ¼-inch socket that can be attached with or on the existing accessories. Nikon does not bound you to use its camera in any particular way you can use it in any which way you want it. Nikon has made it so strong that it can handle all the climatic condition. And as far as mounting comes into picture its accessories come in different variations as follows:

  • Adhesive mount
  • Suction mount
  • Wrist mount
  • Helmet mount
  • Chest harness mount
  • KeyMission extension arm mount
  • Hand grip mount
    Engineered for the Toughest of Situations

As discussed earlier the Nikon KeyMission 360 is made to withstand in all the tough situations of mother nature. If talking about the specifications of the camera:

  • It can be used for underwater shooting that is it will remain waterproof up till 98 feet of depth.
  • It can be used to shoot in the coldest of places it can shoot to a temperature that is as low as 14 degrees F.
  • It can also sustain shocks, that is if the camera falls from a height of 6.6 feet it will remain unharmed.
  • Limitations of the Nikon KeyMission360

Some of the limitations of the Nikon KeyMission 360 cameras are:

  • It is said that the camera is shock proof but it doesn’t mean that it would not deform the camera.
  • Being shockproof doesn’t mean excessive shock or vibrations can be handled by the camera. Placing of heavy objects on the camera can hamper the camera.
  • Being waterproof is one of the qualities but possibilities are that the images captures might be blurred.
  • When using lens protector underwater full 360 degrees capturing is not possible.
  • Keeping the camera more than an hour underwater can be dangerous.
  • For being freeze-proof the camera does operate but the battery might be an issue as at lower temperature battery gets discharged quickly.

What comes in the box?

When you buy a Nikon KeyMission360 the box will come with the following things:

  • One User’s manual
  • EN-EL 12 Rechargeable Battery, you can buy one extra set of battery so as to not fall short of action.
  • EH-73P Charging AC Adapter to charge the battery.
  • UC-E21 USB Cable, to transfer files.
  • AA-1A Base Adapter
  • AA-2 Base Mount F
  • AA-3 Base Mount C
  • CF-AA1 Silicone Jacket
  • AA-17 Head-Mounted Display
  • AA-14A Lens Protector
  • AA-15A Underwater Lens Protector, to be used underwater but this restricts the user from taking 360-degree videos.

Nikon KeyMission 360 Camera Specs:

  • It comes with a 23.9 megapixels lens which reduces the number of effective pixels that makes the images better.
  • It has a sensor size of 1/ 2.3-in. An image sensor as CMOS*2 giving total pixels of 21.14 million*2 and an image size of 7,744*3,872 pixels.
  • It has a rechargeable battery Li-ion EN-EL12, the approximate charging time is around 2hrs and 30 min, and this is the charging time when no charging is left in the battery that is it is completely drained.
  • For media storage, it supports MicroSD, Micro SDHC, Micro SD*C memory cards.
  • It has an ISO Sensitivity of ISO 100-1,600, that means lowest ISO Sensitivity of 100 and highest sensitivity of 1,600.
  • It has a weight of 7oz. That is approximate of 198 gm this weight includes the weight of battery and MicroSD card.
  • If seeing the dimension it has a width of 2.6 in. (61.1 mm) a height of 2.5 in. (65.7 mm) and depth of 2.4 in. (60.1 mm).
  • It has a lens of 1.6 mm and is said to have an angle view of 8.2 mm lens in 35mm. It has a focal length of 1.6 mm*2, lens f/-no. of f/2.0. The lens construction is of 7 elements in 7 groups, lens zoom in of fixed single focal length, and comes with a vibration reduction technique. For autofocus, it has an autofocus range of approximate 1 ft. (30 cm) to infinity.
  • The exposure metering is done in matrix center weighted, programmed auto exposure, exposure compensation of -2.0 to +2.0 EV in steps of ⅓ EV.
  • It has a shutter speed of 1/80000-1sec. Ans one can set a self-timer from .10 sec to 2 sec. It has a CMOS electronic shutter.
  • For interfacing, it has a Hi-speed USB, and an HDMI output of type D, it has a USB Micro connector for the input-output terminal. Along with this it also has a Wi-Fi Functionality and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The storage filesystem is of DCF Exif 2.3 compliant, the storage file formats that it supports is still pictures in JPEG format and Movies in Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, Audio: AAC Stereo


The stupendous piece of perfection the Nikon KeyMission360 is available in the market for an affordable price of $499.95.

Bottom line

For those who are enthusiastic about going on adventures and enjoying to the limits this is the camera for them. It shoots all the activity in action. The price is very low as compared to the features the camera has to offer. It is a must buy for every enthusiast. Its mount and go feature, and the weatherproof feature allows its users to use the camera in all the climatic conditions and situations, it quickly gets mounted anywhere and everywhere. Let it be your kids first swimming lessons a soccer match a wildlife shooting or anything no action can stop you from storing in the memories.


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