Snapchat Augmented Reality Future Secret Growth Plans

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat has been in the market for a while known as sending, receiving fun video and photo which get self-destructed after its receiver views the message. It was made public in the year 2011 Snapchat was created by Evan Thomas Spiegel who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Snapchat. It was created when they were studying at Stanford University. They initially named the company on the name of the product itself but later got it changed to Snap Inc.

The initial idea was taken from the concept of “PICABOO” that is being visible for a short period, then get vanished. The reason for picking this concept was to create a natural flow of chat like in person. This Picaboo app was first available only for the iOS system. Because of its temporary nature, it became slowly popular amongst the people. In the year 2012, the Snapchat app was made available for the Android market too. In a survey in May 2014, the users were sending over 700 million snaps in a single day.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality means combining the world of computer and the users in the real world. That means superimposing the graphic of the computer world on the view of the user of the reality. You have seen augmented reality at many places most common is seeing the cricket scores while you see the cricket match. The augmented reality works in real time without any delay. It adds the computer vision with the object recognition, so as the surrounding information of the real world becomes interactive. Just imagine what if on the construction site you look at the structure of a building, there is an overlapping image of the actual work that is to be taken place in the building, this will allow you to imagine a better future scenario of the real world would look like.

Another example for better understanding can be the technology used by the aircraft plans, the actual image gets interactive with the computer graphics, during the landing, the pathway and the graphics get combined to indicate the pilot with the actual ground realities for a better landing.

Snapchat Augmented Reality Future Secret Growth

As the technology is progressing by leaps and bounds, so is the social media industry, all the leading players in the industry are in the race to contribute and acquire this new technology. Snapchat has made its step into Augmented reality by acquiring the Israeli augmented reality start-up called the Cimagine Media. Cimagine Media is an organization that is into software development. It was initially working with a furniture company where the consumers could see what the furniture would look like if they place it in the location they desire to.

Snapchat was already in the business by using the AR technology for the lenses where it used to capture the face of the user and help it turn into an animal or a vomiting rainbow face. Snapchat has not only undergone one acquisition but has undertaken many acquisitions this year like the that excels in the field of making custom emojis and many others.

The secret future plans of Snapchat Augmented Reality is assumed to be as follows:

A. Stickers sponsored by big brands

Snapchat might think of bringing in the sponsored stickers option to promote the ads. Promotion with the augmented reality option will be a great way to give greater hemispheres to the advertising world. It will be possible for the users to put the stickers on the particular object; with the help of geo-filtering, it will be possible to track the movement of the object around in the video. In present version snapchat allows the users to put emojis and stickers on their video and images, but they cannot move along with the object, but this will be possible with the augmented reality version. We are ready to see the new twist to 3V advertising.

B. Snapchat introducing Groups

This can be yet another exciting feature that can be added to the snapchat augmented reality. Grouping is something that gives the happy feature to its users. All the leading social media platforms give you the option to have groups where you can send a single message once at the same time to all people. At times it becomes very difficult for the users to search for the contact scrolling through the entire list searching for those people whom they want to send the message to.

This will not only benefit the users but will also be beneficial for the snapchat, as well as for the AD companies. In between the video the ads API upgrade can be used to show and target more Ads with the help of lenses and the geo-filter. This will allow for the better placement of Ads, the companies will earn more from this. The audience will be targeted and the snapchat will benefit from the both sides. The users will be happy for providing the group feature, the AD agencies will be happy for a better rate of exposure from the application.

C. Image Recognition helping E-Commerce

Snapchat recognizes many things as of now, but with the Snapchat Augmented reality, it is entirely possible that Snapchat would also be working on image recognition. The main earning source of Snapchat is through ads hence we can expect logo recognition to be one of the options used for promoting a particular brand. Once a user scans a logo and uses in the video targeted coupon discount to the used can be given for the video. If talking further about Snapchat, it is quite possible that it will be picking up the option of image recognition in the visual search that is it can identify objects related to a particular brand like it is done for the visual search for shopping. So basically we can say that we are looking forward to a new experience of image recognition for ad targeting

D. 360 Videos, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality

As the technology is on the boom, augmented reality and virtual reality is something that the users are looking forward to. Except for the Augmented Reality options, Snapchat might also come up with 360 videos where the users will be able to experience the 360 videos in Virtual Reality. As the social media platform like Facebook and Instagram are promoting live video options, it is quite possible that Snapchat will also be coming with the same choices to the market in the coming days. People will be able to shoot 360-degree videos, collaborate those videos with the augmented reality, play with the graphical digital objects in the real-time video shooting to turn them into fun videos.

E. Snapchat Analytics

Snapchat might be thinking of bringing in analytical tools to the new system because as of now all the leading social media platforms have such analytical tools which help the organization to understand, calculate their performance in the market amongst the people. To understand the count of their followers with the new advancement in technology, Snapchat will also be coming up with tools which will help the brands, organizations to analyze their performance on the social platform.

The parameters that might be included in this format can be ‘my story”, “view”, “screenshots are taken” if the complete video was watched, the “bounds back ratio” etc. Right now snapshot doesn’t tell you the bounce back rate of a particular video, but with the augmented reality Snapchat will be able to tell the bounce back ratio of the users.

F. “Local Stories” or “GeoStories.”

Local stories or Geo story seem to be yet another exciting features that Snapchat has to offer. You will be able to post videos taken on a particular location which will stay live for the next 24 hours. Imagine that you are going on a trip, you are able to view the videos that were shot and posted in the 5-kilometer radius of your location. You will be able to know what are the exciting places, what are the things that the other users are doing, what are the things that you can plan out for your trip. Other social media platforms are somehow providing the same features, but it would be rather more exciting to have a video shot of a particular place than just a status or a photograph.

Bottom line

Snapchat Augmented Reality can prove to be the next social media trend in the world of Technology it will be a much-awaited technology that the people would like to use in the form of an application.



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