5 use of 360 videos

5 Better Ways To Use 360 Videos

360 Videos are the new way of media content to attract eyeballs. Businesses are already using it to promote their message and brand awareness. Let’s find out what are the better ways to uses of 360 videos? Let’s find out what are the better ways to uses of 360 videos? Click To Tweet View In…

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360 video must learn tips

360 Video – 7 Must Learn Tips

360 videos are a hot topic with potential business opportunities, people think about creating it? But before you want to get your hand around it and shooting a quality 360 video, you should avoid some of the mistakes as we advice below. 360 Video – 7 Must Learn Tips to avoid some critical mistakes? Click…

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Is 360 Degree Video True Virtual Reality?

So I was looking at one of Gordon Ramsay’s 360 Degree Videos on Facebook; something about a Christmas Dinner special with one of his daughters. I actually had a hard time figuring out where exactly Gordon was or what he was cooking. I finally did manage to locate him and his daughter, but that’s not…

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VR Video: 8 Hosting Sites Review

Planning and recording a 360 degree video is the fun part. Bringing it in front of the world is where things get a bit confusing. Why? Because there are numerous 360 VR Video hosting platforms which you can use to upload your video. But truth to be told, VR Video is slowly taking over the…

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360 degree video shooting tips

360 Degree Video – 7 tips you should know before shooting?

You can see many 360 degree videos in social media like Facebook, in which you can pan around and view everything in the surrounding of the camera, as the video plays. These are full 360 degree videos captured using special equipment. By special equipment, I mean specialized cameras which have multiple lenses to capture different…

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