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Teslasuit is the next new thing in the world of Virtual Reality, The virtual reality has advanced from making cameras to the rotational camera, from VR PlayStation to VR chairs. The technology is advancing as each day passes. The Teslasuit is introduced by the Tesla Studio which is a Scotland based Virtual Reality startup industry, by co-founder Dimitree Marozau and CEO Dimitri Mikhalchuk. The idea was to give the feel of the virtual world not only to the eyes and ears but to the entire body.

The gaming suit is said to be the world’s first full body suit which has a haptic feedback, motion capture, and thermal controlled features to add to its excellence and enhanced virtual reality experience. It allows you to synchronize the visual happenings in the videos and games into actual senses. This haptic suit VR is said to be the future of the Virtual reality gaming world.

The suit is not only restricted to the feature it was intended for originally, the gaming suit also works as a message suit where it can easily get connected to user’s iPad and smartphone devices, and the electric pulses can be sent through the suit to give stimulation to the muscles regulating the intensity of stimulation. According to Marozau, it is said that it is a platform which gets connected to your computer and gives you the feel of what you are actually seeing. Imagine having a video call, and you get to feel the hug of your friend in real-time. This is what the technology has done.

At present the suit is said to be available only to the developers and not to the masses, Once it gets approval from the FDA it will be available to the masses also. But till then everyone will have to wait for this amazing technology.

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How does It work?

It is said that even in our body when we think of doing any action the brain sends signals to that particular part of the body and the action is completed and this is all done by transmitting and receiving electric neuro signals. Hence, from this mechanism, the idea of using electric signals as used in artificial intelligence, this technology was created where the graphics are converted in the form of electric signals and gives stimulation to your body muscles giving you the same feel as someone is touching you or a tickle or even a crawling effect. All such senses can be felt throughout this suit.

Teslasuit Haptic Features:

Haptic Feedback System

The Haptic Feedback Technology is a wearable suit that provides a feeling of touch sensation in the body with the help of lite electrical stimulations. As the virtual reality technology is advancing and as the quest of obtaining results of virtual reality as real as it can get has landed the industry towards Haptic technology. Because of the haptic technology, the science makes an amalgamation of artificial intelligence and Virtual reality technology, where the computer world is able to interact with the real world. The graphics shown in the computer gets converted into sensations as if we are living it in the real world. Tesla studio has a complete Haptic library which is substantial in providing all kind of sensation across the entire body not only stimulating a section of muscle but also targeting the entire group of multiple muscles. The haptic suit can control the intensity of the pressure and touch on the human body, that is you can also feel the impact of a bullet when you get hit in the virtual reality. The sensation is not as painful but will let you feel what the avatar in the game feels.

Motion Capture and Positioning System

The suit also has a motion capture and positioning system, its smart sensors allow your position to be sensed in the virtual reality game environment. The motion sensor makes use of the sensors and stimulates the muscles in the way the avatar in the VR environment is experiencing.

Climate Control System

The haptic suit VR has a feature to give the real experience of the environment the avatar experiences in the VR world. The suit offers two senses that are the sense of heat and the sense of cold. While playing the game if you are walking through a tunnel of fire your body suit will react in a way that it will allow you to feel the warmth, and if you are scaling the snow mountains then the suit will give you the feeling of cold.

Multi-Player Enabled

The multi-player enabled version enables the users to stream the data from the Virtual Reality cloud to the virtual reality system, where multiple users can connect together with each other and play in real-time remotely and wirelessly.


The suit comes with a T-Belt, the control system is arranged in the T-Belt which has a Bolt-on-coprocessors for motion, Climate Control, and Haptics. This T-Belt connects with the user’s computer in order to wirelessly connect and give an obstruction free Virtual Reality experience. This also helps the suit to locate your position in the virtual reality world.


The suit is also washable that means it is designed in a way that the electrodes are waterproofed and do not get damaged when washed.

Teslasuit Technical Specification:

The haptic suit VR comes in two editions


Prodigy has 52 channels, that is way more senses than the other version, this helps you to have better feel of the virtual reality environment. Because of having more number of channels the smaller section of the muscles are targeted and can easily be stimulated. The other specification of this version in comparison to the pioneer version is it has an Electrostimulation type of EMS, TENS, FES. The total number of channels are fifty-two, Pulse width (per channel) is 1-260 us and a Pulse Amplitude (per channel) is 0-08 mA, a per channel frequency of 1-500 Hz, climate control elements count are two, that is cold and hot. It has a battery of 3000mA, Bluetooth version 4.0LE, and sufficient internal memory where the haptic program or haptic library is saved and yes to end with it is washable too.


Pioneer has only 16 channels when compared to Prodigy that means a little less sensitive than the Prodigy. Now the basic difference when seen when using the pioneer version is as the electrodes are places far from each other the network loop is not very closely built hence targeting a larger muscle area at a time. Other features, when compared to Prodigy, are it has an Electrostimulation type of EMS, TENS, FES that is same as the Prodigy. Total number of channels are sixteen that is way lesser than Prodigy, Pulse width (per channel) is 1-260 us and a Pulse Amplitude (per channel) is 0-08 mA same as Prodigy, a per channel frequency of 1-500 Hz, climate control elements count are zero, that is cold and hot sensation are not available, has a battery of 1500mA that is half of Prodigy, Bluetooth version 4.0LE, and sufficient internal memory where the haptic program or haptic library is saved and yes to end with it is also washable .

Other specifications and features it possess are it has a 1GHz Quad core processor, it has an inbuilt memory of 1G B which can be expandable up to 16GB which is more than sufficient, It has 2 USB 2.0 port for connecting the headphones and HD Output, it easily gets connected to Wi-Fi for communication to VR cloud and remote users. It almost supports all virtual reality headsets and also supports different modules like haptic module, motion capture module etc. It has a separate audio output and an HDMI port. The Teslasuit is compatible with iOS, Android, XBox, PlayStation, Unity, Unreal Engine, Windows, and Penguin.


The price of the Teslasuit is said to be around 1,199 pounds for the 16 channel Pioneer suit, and it can easily cost up to 2099 pounds for the upgraded Prodigy suit which has 52 channels in it and that to if you buy it from Kickstarter. This is the cost of the suit as a whole. If you wish to buy only the jacket or the trouser that option is also available if you just go for the Pioneer Jacket it will be costing around 799 pounds and if you wish to buy only the trouser it will cost you 749 pounds. The cost for the Prodigy suit will definitely be higher than the Pioneer suit. The suit is said to be available in December.

Bottom Line

To end with this suit is a must have for all the gamers, although it is only available to the developers but soon it will be in the market for the masses also. Teslasuit technology is a milestone in itself, till date the virtual reality gadgets only targeted the particular body part or a smaller section of it but this suit is made to target the entire body. It also allows you to sense the temperature the wind, the rain in the VR environment. For all the gamers who want to experience the next generation Virtual Reality experience, the haptic suit VR has done it the future is now, the suit is introduced in two variants, both of which do not compromise on the quality but yes the difference is slightly in the experience.


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