What is Spatial Augmented Reality?

Spatial Augmented Reality Connotation “SAR is The Merger Of Real With The Virtual World”

Spatial Augmented Reality augments the genuine things along with existing man-made materials or objects. It gives hand in setting up a performance despite the usage of the distinctive displays. It utilizes the digital projectors to exhibit the graphical visuals as tangible objects. The major characterization in SAR is about the display that is being separated or detached from the users.

SAR can display on any number of external surfaces inside a place at once. Users are able to feel the physical material in such a method that provides a passive tactile sensation. Some of the physical objects are smart mobile projectors, table, lamps etc. Such objects are projected imagery onto the neutral objects, which enhances the appearance with the help of a projector-camera and sensors.

There are many more applications with arrangements that make SAR show attractive together with effluent interaction as a possible choice. In SAR the sensible environment is improved with the images not commonly but with visual effects.

For instance, the images would be displayed on the real materials using the digital projectors with flat panel displays. This provides a new interesting way in realizing the illusion of the objects existing.

In SAR an actual object can occlude the virtual object. In case, if you position your hand in front of the face it will occlude the virtual object behind providing the illusion that the virtual object does exist in the world.

Spatial Augmented Reality Interesting APPs

Google Goggles

It is an app for the android users that provide users the appropriate search results. This search app looks up in considering the popular landmarks or codes for information or translating the messages. To make it work, you just have to turn the camera towards any object then the app will scan it considering the details about the object.

Sky Map

Sky map is an attractive app. The functioning of this app is also the same as before. Just point the smartphone towards the night sky, finally, the app will provide you all relevant details such as the name of star, planets, constellation that are at within your eye view.


The mapping app helps you in converting the grid coordinates. It converts the coordinates among the data and projections. It even calculates the distance between the coordinates.


This app is a weather alert app. This is one of the best centralized weather apps which works like the speed of electric furthermore effective and it functions as the other apps.


RadarScope is an app store regarding the global weather enabled as long as the people who are actively interested in weather as well as for meteorologists. It forecasts information about ice, rain, snow etc.

Equipment APP

The equipment app is an official app in management. You can easily check the equipment from any place. It displays the availability also with the current position of every single item.

Spatial Augmented Reality Examples

SAR is very perfectly a wonder innovation. It has all the abilities to bring an image or product to life. It engages with the users completely entering into a very new level. Here are some of the best innovative and creative examples. Just have a look!!!

Makeup Mirror

Women go bonkers for makeup. They always do require the perfect shades in makeup. The SAR reality makes up mirror takes an image of the face showing the latest cosmetics that will go well on their face.

Spatial Augmented Reality Catalogue

The SAR catalog enables the purchasers to know how furniture would look inside their house. This app not only measures the size of the product but also gives us an idea how the furniture can be fixed according to the possible size.

The Perfect Jewelry

Platinum and Diamonds are a soul mate for women. Choosing them is really a hectic task. To make our work easier with prettiness, this app shows which collection will suit or look better on our skin at different lights.

Spatial Augmented Reality Attractive Footwear

Just by pointing the phone towards our leg, it will show us the perfect foot wears according to our taste. Customers just click on to a shoe from apps catalog checking out if it works well with them. Just because for this they need not leave their home searching for footwear.

Beauty Box

The conclusive app is a beauty box app. In this app, the customers can simply select the skin tone, later then place the desired nail polish on the nail bar. The display will give us a look of how the polish suits the skin tone.

How does Spatial Augmented Reality Work?

Spatial Augmented Reality really does wonders by including graphics with a haptic sensation. Everyone will now be able to enjoy the taste of benefit through SAR.

SAR does excellent work by melding together the real with the virtual world by augmentation. In simple terms, it is just the live telecast of the real world objects by the computer generation. SAR supplements the data to the existing world by the interaction phase which makes it lively.

At one point of view, the marker based applications lay on top of the image with the general information. By doing so, SAR calculates its place, position, and adjustment by augmenting the facts of existence. With the help of a scanner, you will be able to get progressive information along with a digital experience.

From another point of view, a location-based application makes use of the trackers on the phone. It gives us information about the relevant data. If you want to know about hotels and restaurants, the map will guide you in drawing the directions for the destination.

The main use of SAR is in as much as military purpose, industrial purpose, medical purpose, commercial purpose, and entertainment. It is applicable to games also. It makes us feel the liveliness while playing games through the digital effects.

In the case of emergency in a medical field, it hands over the information like crystal clear water. It is very much appealing also even more captivating in education. It provides such an atmosphere where the studies have also been augmented.

SAR is applicable in inquisitive desiring knowledge as well as extraordinary places like archaeology or other. It superimposes a view of the real life before and after construction with the modern landscape. It provides a perfect information about how the ancient constructions would have been at that time.

Spatial Augmented Reality – Field Of Uses

Spatial Augmented Reality For Artists

SAR uses different appliances to the speedy generation in drawing pictures along with the projection of photos. It gives an integrating digital data in the real world through the art of projection. SAR provides a very effective 3d interaction phase.

The images appear like an illusion which gives life to the drawing. We explore a new world through the materialism. The images that are hard to draw by an artist will be done in a very easy manner through SAR technology. The impossible becomes possible.

Spatial Augmented Reality In Industries

There are many advanced types of equipment in the industrial field where automation is made possible through the effect of digital computer. SAR allows in finding the procedures as a consequence thus making it simple, neat and also precise.

The operating source visually follows and interactively takes charge over the control panels. Along with this, it monitors the changes in the machines. It has access to huge amount of information in addition to that it keeps increasing, making the machine sophisticated in a very complex nature. The information should be clearly displayed so that there can be no overloaded demanding interface to the user.

Spatial Augmented Reality In Gaming

There is a separate world of games. Games are built into a heap like a table tennis, chess board games with the list going on. With augmentation, the miniature games have been developed despite the defining characteristics. The games with the 3D effect may have a set of strategies to keep the players in on-mode. The virtual existence gives immense pleasure while gaming.

The more sophisticated the instruments are the more sophisticated life is.

“SAR is Like Dreaming With Your Eyes Wide Open!”


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